We value your personal privacy. Here’s a look at the kinds of info collected as well as how it may be used.

Log Files

Log files used may include:

IP addresses and ISP info
time stamps as well as exiting & referring pages
click information and browser information
user movement tracking as well as demographics
*No personal info is connected to anything that may identify you personally.

Web Beacons/Cookies

Cookies are used as a means of storing information about visitors including:

user preferences
individual pages visited
type of browser
other browser information
Ad Partners

Our ad partners may make use of cookies and web beacons here on this site.



Using Google Analytics, we track some demographic information, which doesn’t allow us to personally identify you. You can opt out if you wish through: Ads Settings, Ad Settings for mobile apps, or by going to Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs.

You can visit to see how to opt out of cookies and certain other methods of tracking. You may also turn off cookies in your web browser.

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