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Ahh, football. If you’re like me, you simply can’t get enough of this heart-pumping sport. Whether you’re a fan of the Patriots, the Seahawks, the Chargers or any other team from across the league, I’m sure that we can all agree on one thing: watching live football is pretty awesome.

Know what’s not awesome, though? Paying an arm and a leg for cable TV. With cable prices skyrocketing, many people are paying $100/month or more, just to keep up with their favorite teams. Luckily, the tide is turning, and it’s now possible to watch NFL games online.

If you are sick of paying for cable and are seeking a more affordable alternative, we’ve got you covered. Below, find the best ways to stream NFL games without cable.

Use fuboTV to Get NFL Streams for FOX and NBC Games


fuboTV is a live streaming service that lets you watch live sports without cable. It’s useful for watching football online, particularly for games airing on FOX or NBC. The service offers 50+ channels for $35 per month, with no contract. It works on the majority of popular streaming devices, like Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, as well as mobile devices and computers.

Both NBC and FOX are offered in fuboTV’s lineup, as well as regional sports networks. These networks are offered in select areas, but even if you don’t live in an area where the network is offered, you can still access the FOX Sports Go or NBC Sports apps using your fuboTV login. This will allow you to watch live NFL games online airing on your local FOX or NBC affiliate via the service. This is especially useful if you live in a market where most of your team’s games air locally on FOX (most NFC markets).

Nationwide networks that broadcast NFL games, like ESPN and NFL Network, are not included, unfortunately. Check out our fuboTV review to learn more.

fuboTV currently offers a FREE 7-day trial for new customers!

Watch NFL Without Cable via Sling TV

Sling TV

An easy and affordable way to access NFL streaming online is to use Sling TV. This service, available for as little as $20 per month, lets you watch live TV over the internet, without cable. It’s an excellent option for NFL streams, because it offers both ESPN and NFL Network nationwide, as well as FOX/NBC in some areas. Here are the basics:

  • Watch 30-150+ channels live, depending on which package you choose
  • Plans from $20 per month, no contract
  • Watch all Monday Night Football games on ESPN
  • Watch all Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network
  • Get Sunday football streams on NBC/FOX if you live in a covered area
  • Enjoy tons of other great networks
  • Watch NFL live via a streaming device (Roku/Apple TV/etc) or on mobile devices
  • Try it out with a free 7-day trial!

To get the most NFL streaming channels possible, go with the Sling Orange+Blue package for $40 per month. This will get you NFL Network, ESPN, FOX/NBC (select areas), and 40+ other great channels. You’ll even get regional sports networks in your area! To learn more, check out our Sling TV review!

And remember, Sling TV isn’t only for watching football online! The service also offers excellent channels like CNN, AMC, HGTV, TBS, Discovery, and much more. There’s something to watch for the whole family!

You can also stream NFL games free for a week with Sling TV’s free 7-day trial!


Watch NFL Games Online via DIRECTV NOW


DIRECTV NOW is another very popular online streaming service, and another good option to watch NFL games online. The service, priced at $35 per month, offers 60+ channels without a contract. It can be used on most devices, including streaming players, tablets, smartphones and computers.

With the basic package, you’ll get ESPN for Monday Night Football, as well as NBC and FOX in select areas, for Sunday Night Football. NFL Network is not included at this time. NBC and FOX are only live in some areas, but coverage is continually expanding. You’ll get tons of other great channels, too, like CNN, FOX News, AMC, HGTV, TBS and more. Check out our DIRECTV NOW review to learn more.

You can also start a free 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW to stream free NFL games for a week!


Watch NFL On-Demand with NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an online streaming service owned by the NFL itself. It offers a unique way to watch NFL games online, because it offers a way to stream games on-demand. It does NOT offer live streaming for regular-season games, but you can enjoy on-demand replays starting the same day the game airs live.

You can also watch live preseason games, and on-demand games from past seasons (even Super Bowls!) There’s a ton of stuff to explore, and unique features like 45-minute condensed replays (no commercials), unique camera angles, and more! You can use the service on most major streaming devices and mobile devices.

Prices for Game Pass vary depending on what package you choose, and how late in the season it is. It’s a non-contract service, but you usually subscribe to the full season, instead of paying month-to-month.

You can try Game Pass free for 7 days.


Stream NFL Games on CBS via CBS All Access

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is another way to watch NFL without cable, for games that air on CBS. This service is offered by CBS itself, and gives you access to the CBS live stream for all CBS-hosted NFL games. It also includes a massive library of on-demand CBS shows (over 8,000 episodes at the time of this writing). This service is very useful for fans of CBS shows who also want to be able to watch NFL without cable.

The service starts at just $5.99 per month, with no contract, and there is a free 7-day trial available.


Use PlayStation Vue for NFL Streaming

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another popular live streaming service that provides an affordable alternative to cable TV. It has plans starting from $30 per month, and it does not require a contract. It works on streaming devices, PlayStation consoles, mobile devices, and more!

With Vue’s basic package, you’ll get both ESPN and NFL Network, which will be very useful for MNF and TNF games, respectively. You’ll also enjoy 45+ other networks. Vue does also offer FOX and NBC, but only in select markets – and, in those markets, the price of the service bumps up to $40/month. To learn more, check out our PlayStation Vue review.

You can also get started with a free 5-day trial to PS Vue!

As you can see, there are now several different ways to watch NFL games online. If you need more information, read through our reviews of the individual services – or, shoot us a message or leave a comment and we’ll try to help. Now, all you need to do is sign up for a service, kick back, and enjoy the game (oh, and figure out what you’re going to do with all your extra money!)

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