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The cost of propane can be much higher in some areas than in others, but it is important to shop around to find the best local propane prices so you don’t pay more than necessary.  Many people who do not have access to natural gas will use propane to run costly appliances in their house including hot water heaters, furnaces and gas dryers. If you are using propane for these household appliances, it’s especially vital to compare the current price of propane to get the best deal. Even if you simply fill your grill or fire pit with propane, however, there is still no sense spending any more money than necessary for the cost of gas.

Fortunately, saving money on propane doesn’t have to be difficult if you know the steps to take to get the best propane prices in your area. Here are a few tips to help you.

Compare the Cost per Gallon

Local propane prices are usually priced in cost per gallon. You can contact several local propane suppliers to find out what their current price per gallon is in order to compare who has the cheapest rate. Some propane companies will offer special introductory pricing for new customers in order to entice them to place an order. If you have multiple suppliers in your area to choose from who will deliver to your home, it makes sense to see if any of the propane suppliers will give you a special deal or will beat the prices of their competitors.

Don’t Forget to Factor in Delivery Costs

When you are comparing the cost of propane from different local suppliers, you want to make certain you are comparing apples-to-apples. One propane supplier, for example, may charge you a lower per gallon cost but may have an expensive charge for delivering propane to you. You don’t want to pay a big delivery fee to get the gas brought to your home, especially if your overall price would have been cheaper had you opted for a different supplier. Find out exactly what the total cost will be so you can make certain that you are getting the best overall deal. And make sure that you don’t have to accept automatic delivery to get a lower price-per-gallon, since you may not want to get locked into buying propane at disadvantageous times of the year or buying propane from a supplier without shopping around to see what the current price of propane is from different companies.

Buy Larger Propane Amounts at Once

Many propane suppliers will be willing to offer you a lower cost of propane if you buy more gallons at once. For example, a propane supplier may offer you $0.10 off every gallon you purchase if you buy at least 200 or 300 gallons. You can often benefit from a big discount but taking advantage of these deals and buying more propane at once. Placing a larger order also means that if there is a delivery fee for the propane, you won’t have to pay that fee as often because the company will not be coming out as frequently to provide you with new gas.

Buy Propane During the Off-Season

Winter is a prime time to buy propane because propane users may need more gas to fuel their furnace and to heat up water using their hot water heater during the colder months of the year. Because supply and demand dictate pricing, it is natural that costs tend to rise during the winter months when more people need propane deliveries. This is especially true if the weather is especially cold during the course of a winter and people run out of propane sooner than expected so demand goes up.

You should strongly consider getting your propane tank filled in late summer or early fall when there is not as much demand and when prices may be lower as a result of the off-season decline in propane use.  If you have a large enough propane tank, you can fill up the tank at lower propane prices than you would pay in the winter and will hopefully have enough gas to get you through until next summer when the costs drop again.  If you place a large order during the off-season, you can benefit not only from getting the lower price per gallon but could also benefit from any volume discounts that the propane company provides for larger orders. This allows you to get the best overall propane price stop keep the cost of propane as low as possible.

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