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Saving water can help you to get a lower water bill so you can keep more money in your pocket— and you’ll get to do something good for the planet too.  There are both big and small changes that you can make to your lifestyle which can make saving water simple.  Just check out these ways to reduce a water bill so you can slash the amount that you send the utility company each month.

1. Install A Faucet Aerator

A faucet aerator, which delivers a mixture of water and air, is a great way to use less water in your faucet without actually reducing water pressure. While many new faucets have aerators built into them, older faucets don’t. You can simply screw the aerator on and you will have a strong stream of water… but less water will be used whenever the faucet runs.

2. Skip pre-washing your dishes

Many people rinse off their dishes before putting them in a dishwasher. Giving up this habit not only helps with saving water but it also saves you time. Most modern dishwashers don’t require a pre-rinse and actually may not even work as well if there aren’t food particles on the plates. Instead, scrape off any big pieces of food on your dishes into the trash and put the dishes into the washer as they are.

3. Run the dishwasher only when it is full

Speaking of your dishwasher, you should make sure to only run it when you have a full load if saving water is important to you and you want a cheap water bill.  Make sure your dishwasher is packed efficiently so you aren’t wasting space and just wait to run it until it has been fully loaded.

4. Keep cold water to drink in the refrigerator

When you turn on the water faucet to get cold water, you likely let the tap run for a few minutes until the water chills so you aren’t drinking warm water. You can skip this process and get a lower water bill by simply filling up a pitcher and keeping it in the fridge. The water should actually be colder so it will taste even better.

5. Skip the disposal use

When you turn on your disposal, you have to run water. Instead of dumping old food scraps down the disposal, consider composting them or at least toss them in the garage instead of turning on the water for no reason.

6. Change the way you shower

You can install a low flow shower head so your shower does not use as much water. You should also strongly consider taking shorter showers if you want a lower water bill, since changing your showering habits is one of the best ways to save water. If you take baths, on the other hand, switching to showers is going to be a way better way to get clean since you’ll use far less water in a shower than you would filling up the tub.

7. Repair leaks in your faucets and toilets

Many people have leaky faucets or toilets that leak. If you do, you are dumping water down the drain and wasting money. Fixing leaks is usually something you can do yourself by watching a quick You-Tube video on repairing a faucet or toilet. You should also change out your toilet flap once a year to make sure it stays in good condition.

8. Put a bottle in your toilet tank

While you can save a lot of water and get a lower water bill by opting for a water-conserving toilet with two different flushing strengths, many people don’t want to undertake this big of a plumbing project. The good news is, you can still find ways to save water without upgrading the plumbing. Just put a bottle in the toilet tank so it will not take as much water to fill up the tank after each flush.

9. Change the way you wash clothes

Laundry is the second biggest usage of water in most homes. Consider wearing clothes more than once before you wash them, and don’t wash your towels after every shower if you’re looking for a cheap water bill. You should also wait and wash loads of laundry only when you have a full load to wash.

10. Use your grey water for saving water

You can use grey water, like cooking water, tap water you didn’t drink and water that runs as you wait for a shower to warm up, to water your plants or lawn. Don’t let this grey water go to waste if you’re looking for a lower water bill. By making use of it and following these other tips, you can take advantage of many ways of saving water and lowering your monthly bills.

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